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Your property is zoned
residential small lot (RSL)

What does that mean?

Increased Housing Density

Your property’s zoning allows for more housing density than traditional single-family zoning.

Higher Value

Builders are typically inclined to offer more for your property compared to traditional home buyers.

Alternative Sales Approach

You don’t need to rely on the Multiple Listing Service to maximise your proceeds. Saving you thousands of dollars on commissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sustainability is a mission of Array. We would rather develop in a backyard and retain existing homes to create more affordable housing in Seattle. Retaining homes is the best way to minimize our carbon footprint, and generally builders can pay more if the house can be retained.

That’s okay, builders can provide flexible closing dates based on your timelines. In fact, the more time you can give a builder for a closing date, the more they can pay as they can permit the property while you are looking for your next home! 

Yes, unfortunately obtaining building permits in Seattle is difficult. Each property is unique, but most issues can be solved during a feasibility contingency with enough time to work around any challenges. 

No cost to you!

Yes, you read that right! No commissions will be charged to you. Can any other brokerage make you that promise?

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Since 2020 we’ve facilitated the land acquisition for over 200 new homes, currently in various stages of entitlement and construction. We have established local clients who would be very interested in making a strong offer for your property!


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